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Registration Fee

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USD 400


USD 380


USD 250

The author registration fee includes

1)       Paper presentation

2)       Conference program

3)       Admission to all sessions

4)       (*)Certificate of Presentation or Certificate of Attendance

5)       Conference proceedings

6)       Lunch

7)       Refreshment breaks

8)    Name badge

The audience registration fee includes

1)       Conference program

2)       Admission to all sessions

3)       Certificate of Attendance

4)       Conference proceedings

5)       Lunch

6)       Refreshment breaks

7)       Name badge

*[ Certificate of Presentation or Certificate of Attendance]

A certificate of attendance includes participant’s name and affiliation, certifying the participation in the conference. A certificate of presentation indicates a presenter’s name, affiliation and the paper title that is presented in the scheduled session.

Certificate distribution

Oral presenters will receive a certificate of presentation from the session chair after their presentations or at the end of the session. Poster presenters will receive a certificate of presentation from the conference staff at the end of their poster session.

The certificate of presentation will not be issued, either at or after the conference, to authors whose papers are registered but not presented. Instead, the certificate of attendance will be provided after the conference.

If authors are not able to present their papers due to unavoidable circumstances, they shall provide the official certification document to request for the certificate of presentation. For more details, please contact the conference secretariat at 


1. Once you receive the notification of acceptance, please choose between the following methods of payment:
1) Pay through your local bank or Paypal. Account details will be sent to you with the notification of acceptance.
2) Login your account with your email and password and click to pay by your credit card.

2. The calculation of registration fee is according to the piece of manuscript submitted by the author. For instance, if you only have one paper to submit, you will have to pay 400*1=400 USD. However, if you would like to submit three research papers, you will have to pay up to 400*3=1200 USD.

3. If the manuscript is the production of more than one author, and all authors intend to attend the conference, they will have to pay the registration fee separately. 

4. The receipt as a proof of payment will be issued at the registration desk on the conference day. 

·         If the Non-Author Participant requests for a copy of the proceeding, there will be an additional fee of US $50 charge.

·         If the registered author is unable to attend, email to the secretariat, so we can allocate your presentation to poster. 
No refunds will be issued.


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