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2016 Best Paper Award

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2016 Best Paper Award 

  Announcement of Winner of 2016 Best Paper Award

Thank you for all your supports and contributions to the Best Paper Award this year! 

Congratulations to the winners of 2016 Best Paper Award!

*The submission of 2016 Best Paper Award is officially closed. All eligible papers has entered the reviewing process. Thank you for your support! (Updated on 10/27/2016)

*Deadline of full paper submission and payment is extended to October 26th, 2016.


To be a candidate, the following eligibility must be met:

1. Only “full paper” submission will be nominated, abstracts will not be considered.

2. The registration process along with the payment must be completed before October 11, 2016.  October 26, 2016

3. No refunds would be issued after the selection.  

The HKICEPS 2016 Award Committee will select some of the accepted papers to receive the Best Paper Awards. The winner(s) will be announced and the certificate will be presented to them in the conference.  


1. The Committee will select 1 Best Paper Winner, prized USD 400; 1-2 masterpiece papers, awarded USD 200.

2. An Award Ceremony and each shall receive a certificate.  

*Selection Criteria: 

Originality and Creativity
(a) Theoretical development
(b) Empirical results
(c) Policy development

Research & Theoretical Framing
(a) Clear and precise problem statement and/or the objective(s) of the designed system
(b) Appropriate and adequate literature review on related technologies and technological solutions, and to establish the basic theoretical rooting of the design
(a) Scientific/technical significance of the topic or problem investigated (urgency, impact, etc.);
(b) Usefulness of the paper to practicing information professionals (applicability, timeliness, scope, problem-solving value, etc.)
(c) Relevance of the topic or problem to the interests of power and energy.

Quality of Argument
(a) Critical analysis of concepts, theories and findings
(b) Consistency and coherency of debate 

*Schedule of Best Paper Award
Full Paper Submission/Registration Deadline  October 11,2016
Extended to October 26,2016
Award Announcement Date  The middle of November
Best Paper Award Presentation Date  December 15, 2016

History Winners of Best Paper Award 

2014 Hong Kong Best Paper Award
"College Students’ Attitudes to the Medium of Instruction: Arabic vs English Dilemma”
-Maha Ellili-Cherif, Qatar University
"Unique Experience of Sub-degree Engineering Students under 3-3-4 Education Reform in Hong Kong”
-Fong Ming-Lun Alan, City University of Hong Kong
"Development and Validation of Hope Scale for the High School Students”
-Kuo-Hao Feng, Kun Shan University
"New Media Use and Physical Health among Chinese Children and Adolescents: A Rural-Urban Comparison”
-Francesca Valeria Hansstein, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

2014 Seoul Best Paper Award
"Mainstream Media Framing of Movement Protest: Case Study of Bersih Rally Malaysia"
-Yinn Yun Chang, Chinese Culture University
"Individual Modernity and the Elderly in Modern Societies: An Extensive Literature Review"
-Xue BAI, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
"The Influence of the Intellectual Capital Component on the Company's Finance Performance"
-Eddy Winarso, Widyatama University
"The Impact of Codependency on Virtual Community Member Loyalty"
-Cheng-Chi Huang, Asia University
"Strategic Marketing for Indonesian Plywood Industry: An Analyse by using Porter Five Forces Model and Generic Strategy Framework"
-Makkarennu, Ehime University

2012 Shanghai Best Paper Award
"Mediating Role of Rumination on Core Belief and Posttraumatic Growth for Acehnese Survivors"
-Ainul Mardiah, Li-Jung Chang, Wan-Nu Su
"The Impact of Executive Learning and Development on Organisational Performance; Firm Size Effects and Learning Orientation Differences"
-Solomon Akrofi
"Whistleblowing in Chinese Culture: A Comparative Approach"
Maria Batishcheva
"The Impact of Executive Learning and Development on Organisational Performance; Firm Size Effects and Learning Orientation Differences"
-Masthurhah Ismail, Muhammad Sufi Mohd yusoff, Hamzah Hawari,
Mohd Fauzi Mohd Harun, Abd Munir Mohamed Noh
"Understanding SMS Language of the Expatriates in GCC Countries"
-Debashis Chakrabarti

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